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The Spiritual Rose; Or Method Of Saying The Rosaries Of The Most Holy Name Of Jesus And The Blessed Virgin, With Their Litanies: Also The Meditations And Prayers, Adapted To the Holy Way Of The Cross, &c.
Topics: Rosary, Prayer books and devotions, Meditations, Irish language
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CONTENTS. VESPERS OF THE LITTLE OFFICE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. From the Purification to Advent 1 During Advent 23 From Christmas to the Purification 41 VESPERS FOR FEASTS. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION December 8th 59 NATIVITY OF OUR LORD December 25th 75 ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST December 27th 93 CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD January 1st 96 EPIPHANY OF OUR LORD January 6th 97 ST. PATRICK March 17th 115 ST. JOSEPH March 19th 133 THE ANNUNCIATION March 25th 149 EASTER SUNDAY Moveable Feast 153...
Topics: Gregorian chants, Plainsong, Vespers
PIMS - University of Toronto
by Aelred, of Rievaulx, Saint, 1110-1167
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"The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Camel, as contained in the following pages, is in perfect concordance with that contained in the Carmelite Breviary. By authority, MATTHEW SCALLY, o.c.c. June 25, 1851." Digitized by Google.
Topics: Carmelites -- Prayers and devotions, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint -- Prayers and devotions -- Latin,...